'Our system of government is no longer fit for purpose'

This letter sent to the Star was written by Neil Bramall, Sheffield, S10

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 10:43 am
Updated Tuesday, 14th May 2019, 06:55 am

Whether you support leave or remain, Brexit has confirmed what many people have suspected for some time, that our system of government is no longer fit for purpose in dealing with modern-day major problems like climate change, social care and infrastructure developments.

Imagine if immediately following the Brexit referendum we held an election for the job of Brexit Secretary. The electorate would have been able to decide what sort of Brexit they wanted. The winner of the election would have had a clear mandate to negotiate with the EU and consequently there would have been no giving away of £38 billion before any trade deal was agreed. The complete shambles Theresa May has produced would have been avoided and we would have already left the EU.

This I believe is the approach we should take to how we are governed. A directly elected executive would replace the current cabinet appointed on the whim of the Prime Minister.

Candidates would put forward their policies on the internet and the most popular would make it onto the ballot paper. We would elect three or four posts on rotation every year.

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Elected candidates would be well paid and remain in post for six years but critically could not put up for re-election, one term only.

The House of Lords would finally be scrapped. A reduced (~300) House of Commons would only be able to revise and delay bills presented by the executive but could not veto the policies in the manifesto of the elected executive. I believe this would end party politics with the electorate able to have a proper debate on policy resulting in qualified independent people with relevant experience getting elected. Once elected they would tackle the difficult decisions avoided by our current government and would not spend their time on what the current politicians prioritise, re-election, re-election, re-election.