OPINION: Time to get it right

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The Jay report lifted the lid on an evil that shocked South Yorkshire to the core.

As the fall-out from the Rotherham abuse scandal continues, the HMIC report lays bear yet more staggering shortcomings.

That children in care have a tougher start in life than most and are more vulnerable to the dark elements in our society than those who have the support of a close and protective family is not a closely guarded secret.

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Nor is the fact that offenders target these children precisely because of their vulnerability news .

So why don’t police officers understand the risk such people are to these children?

And why isn’t the protection of children in care homes not the focus of much of their effort?

It’s easy to criticise , of course, and HMIC does acknowledge some good practice at South Yorkshire Police.

But its report makes clear that the abuse we saw in Rotherham is evident elsewhere, as we knew it would be.

It’s a complex and difficult area of policing with no easy wins, but it’s one that has to be the priority, as SYP acknowledges.

SYP has six weeks to come up with a plan – and six weeks to win back our confidence.