Opinion: Difficult to agree with Magid’s opinions

This letter sent to the Star was written by Hilda Ali, Sheffield, S9

Monday, 3rd June 2019, 10:15 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th June 2019, 7:56 am
The Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid charities for his term in office. Picture: Chris Etchells

In response to Brenda Titterton's comments, (Wednesday, May 29), I too find it difficult to agree with the opinions of Magid Magid and also the words emblazoned across his t-shirt, "Immigrants make Britain great".

He appears to think that his charismatic approach is all it takes to win people over but there are a great many who don't share that sentiment.

Having won his seat, doesn't necessarily mean he has secured a job as an M.E.P.

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The 17.5 million people who gained the majority vote in the 2016 referendum, will continue to protest against the traitors in govt; who have ignored democracy and reneged on the promise to leave the EU. For them, the motivating factor to remain in the EU is self interest and this equally applies to Magid Magid.

There are many reasons why we voted to leave, the most significent being that, the economic benefits has relentlessly shrunk in relative economic weight over the past two decades and this is likely to continue. No one, not even the EU commission expects the EU to grow faster than 2% annually over the next several years so why should we remain in the EU, accepting EU rules, EU tariff barriers and the EU costs, (the latter of which we contribute more than others in the EU bloc but get little in return), for the sake of preferential access to a shrinking market.

Immigration also needs to be halted and this has absolutely nothing to with racism. Common sense must prevail because, realistically, we cannot sustain the ever increasing arrival of refugees, economic migrants, illegal immigrants and the already three million EU migrants living in this country.

Many have made valuable contributions to our economy, as did the immigrants who arrived here in the 50's-60's to boost a much needed workforce in our then thriving industries.

However, there are a vast number who are not contributing and rely heavily on benefits and are content to carry on in this way. The majority of immigrants/migrants are housed in once flourishing areas, but now deemed as socio and economically deprived. The long awaited and promised cash injection never materialised so, the scant resources available are shared by immigrants and the people who have lived in these communities for generations. Added to the problem is the shortage of housing stock, (a legacy left by the the Thatcher govt; when social housing was cheaply sold off), new schools are needed, GPs are overstretched because of the sheer number of patients and very often it can be a week before managing to get an appointment.

The anti social behaviour displayed by many of these individuals has been highlighted on several occasions and a police presence has been heightened.

I would suggest that Magid Magid spends some time living in these areas for a couple of weeks and see the litter strewn streets, infestation of rats, dumping rubbish wherever they choose, congregating in large numbers on street corners, clashing with other cultures and so on.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg and the people, (ibid), who have lived in these areas for generations and& took pride in their homes, are just expected to put up with it.

Magid Magid needs to understand that When immigrants/migrants come to this country, they should get a job, integrate and most importantly learn and respect the culture of this country.