“Not everyone can survive another one, emotionally or financially”; Sheffield Star readers divided on a potential Tier 4 lockdown

Following an increase in infection rates and the advent of two new mutated strains of the Covid-19 virus, there’s been a lot of talk and suggestions that Sheffield and the rest of England could and should head into further lockdown restrictions.

Thursday, 24th December 2020, 9:56 am
Updated Thursday, 24th December 2020, 12:42 pm

As scientists and experts call for firmer lockdown across the nation and with MPs refusing to rule out further restrictions, Sheffield (like other cities and towns) is waiting to see whether such restrictions will come into force.

This is what Sheffield Star readers think.

Rachel Anne Hall is firmly against more restrictions and believes we should get on with trying to have a normal life.

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Shoppers in Sheffield city centre

She said: “No - as soon as any lockdown is lifted, naturally the virus spreads. It doesn’t work. Protect the vulnerable while the rest of us bear the brunt. The virus won’t disappear, we have to live with it as best we can.”

Neil Whitehouse believes that it is a repetitive cycle that needs to be broken,

He said: “Well it's all well and good locking down but if covid is out there it lingers and when lockdown is lifted we all walk back into the pandemic and the whole thing just goes round in circles.”

Emma Cottingham’s concerns are more focused on the impact this is having on our mental health and she doesn’t believe deaths are being properly reported.

And she said: “They can't leave people locked down forever, this virus like any other isn't going away. More people are going to die of suicide suffering from mental health, but these will not be marked down as these deaths they will be put down as covid.”

Patricia Oliver is concerned the affect on children, saying that “This strain is affecting kids more and needs getting in hand ASAP. Parents should take more responsibility to ensure their kids and anyone they come into contact with are safe. So yes a lockdown is a necessity.”

Gary Lincoln was very adamant when he said that we: “Should have had a proper lockdown including closing the borders months ago.”

Rebecca Lili Roper is worried not only about the health of everyone but also the impact this virus has on her personally, so she is all for a further lockdown restrictions as she believes that people need to consider the health of others and not just themselves.

And she said: “Most definitely. I want to have my health, not lose it. Far too many people are dying. I’m clinically extremely vulnerable, so would like to think people would think about others too & not themselves.”

She was supported in her view by Ash Greenwood, who said that: “It’s alright having a lockdown but it needs to be done correctly instead of people ignoring the rules etc people may not agree with it but this mess needs to be done and sorted.”

There were a lot of people on the side of Emma Louise Nettleship, who completely disagrees with any further restrictions and she emphasised the need to get healthy people back into work.

She said: “Absolutely not, not everyone can survive another one, emotionally or financially, people who need to shield should carry on doing so, the rest of us who are fit and healthy need to carry on with our lives whilst taking the necessary precautions.”