"No vaccine, no foreign travel" - readers discuss the need for the Covid-19 vaccine for holidays

Earlier this week, the president of P&O said that cruise passengers must be fully vaccinated against Covid before travel, specifically on cruises around the British Isles. This means that passengers would need to have both vaccinations before being allowed to travel. We wondered whether this should be the rule for all overseas holidays and we asked our readers for their thoughts.

Friday, 19th March 2021, 4:54 pm
Updated Friday, 19th March 2021, 5:08 pm

And, this is what they had to say on the topic:

Julian Perry said; “Definitely yes unless you have an exemption & that also goes for any public area, Pub, Cinema, restaurant, etc.”

Helen-mae Ellis says; “No as some people will be waiting ages to get the jabs done. The government just need to stick to what they have promised & get all holidays abroad resumed in May. Let us all have our lives back at long last.”

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LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 12: Clinical Pharmacist Ellie Morton prepares to administer the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine at the community vaccination centre at Kingston University's Penrhyn Road campus on March 12, 2021 in London, England. Working in partnership with two local Primary Care Networks, South West London CCG and Kingston Council, the University has repurposed an area of its Penrhyn Road campus into a 10-station vaccination site. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Quite a few people were very much in favour of the vaccine requirement becoming the norm, if not just for their own protection but also those they may come into contact with domestically and overseas, like Barry Smith who said said; “Yes I think they should have had both vaccines. Better still wait until everyone has completed all vaccines that is all ages young and old.”

Jenny Taylor has a very rational view of the vaccine; “Our surgery has list for vaccinations for every country just have to phone for advice then if needed go for the vaccination recommended for the country your visiting.”

And, Nelly Jai responded with a hint of the dramatic here; “There is no point in this, as you can still catch it and pass it on honestly the world is just a mess, get me on another planet!”

Alexandra James thinks that it is; “Unfair for younger people who wouldn’t have had the second vaccine by the summer.”

Steve Crofts is all for it, if he has to; “Definitely, we used to have to have jabs for various reasons”, and Anne Spencer says; “Yes, because we want some normality back in our life but want to be safe to x.”

Jonathan DK also said; “Yes. Had a mass of jabs on joining up. Then more when I went to the Gulf ahead of the war. This is just another one.”

Hazel Butterfield was suffering no fools, when she said; “No wait their bloody turn like everybody else then go” — quite hard to disagree with that take.

Christine Mccoll takes no issue; “Can't see why not. You need certain jabs anyhow for some countries”, and the same goes for Craig Hewitt; “Yep - and I can see the EU demanding it as well before travel. Worth it in the end really”, as well as Andrew Milner, who said; “If that’s what it takes and what the holiday destination demands then yes.”

Steve Reynolds didn’t disagree with the vaccine programme, he seems to take issue with people’s patience when it comes to going away; “Wait for your jabs, THEN book your holidays!! FFS!! International travel for holidays is NOT essential!!” But Jane Brown didn’t agree that it was fair, saying; “No, because that will mean anyone in there 20s will not get away all summer aboard.”

Meanwhile, David Cropper is a firm; “Yes, and I also think overseas holidays should be banned unless that country has covid under control.”

Lisa Marie Blenkinsopp said; “Yeah, I’ll be off as soon as they say yes you’re vaccinated you’re allowed… my choice… each to their own.”

Aidy Hammant-shutt responded with a firm; “Yes... and also for people coming into our country” and Sue Smith agreed, saying; “Yes, unless an exempt certificate is also provided.”

Jean Hepplestone is for the vaccine but also fairness; “Yes, I think it would be safer and the host countries would probably require it. However it is very unfair for people waiting to be vaccinated. There isnt an easy solution.”

Some were dead against it… such as, James Allen who said; “Absolutely not. It gives a choice of being forced into a vaccine or living life as a second class citizen with less rights. How anyone in their right mind thinks this is ok is beyond me” and the same sentiment was shared by Karen Jenkinson; “It does not stop the transmission and neither does it fully protect you. Plz someone tell me what are they gaining”, and she was responded to by Richard Long who said; “We already know it doesn't fully protect you or stop the transmission, that is well publicised, but hopefully it will reduce the effect of the virus on you and if anyone you transmit it to if they have have the vaccination too...” — well said and polite too. Gemma Louise Cumberbatch said; “No. It’s should be a persons choice to have it or not” and Jon Day said; “floating 5Gee microwave coffins-no thanks” — okay then.

Finally, David Scothern put it rather curtly; “No vaccine, no foreign travel. Seems fair to me.”

It’s fair to say that people’s opinions are divided and that’s fine. That's what these discussions are about. We won’t always agree on everything as this discussion indicates but in this instance the majority of respondents were in agreement that having both vaccinations should be the rule for overseas travel — with the added caveat that tourists who visit here are also vaccinated. Simply put, it goes both ways. To read more of the comments in this discussion, go here.