No room for 101...

I recently was stopped Fargate by someone who told me that our city council is promoting the new 101 as the new way of taking care of the ASBOs.

I would love to know who was the mastermind behind that effort. It is so unreal and stupid that it cannot work.

Let’s take a look into the following scenario:

At 3am two or three rowdies start to make noise breaking and destroying the telephone box. They are singing and keeping my neighbourhood awake. What do you do?

Call the police?

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But their reply is: Call 101. Well once 101 answers, whenever that might happen, you will be charged for the call, details of your complaint are taken but nothing can be done at 3am. A few days later you receive a nice packet of forms from the city council. You are then requested to start recording similar incidents,

Well if that happens again within few days that is fine but if not you only have recorded one or possibly two incidents. If you don’t send the forms back within a certain time then your complaint is closed.

Can someone enlighten me: are we sending in those forms for statistical purposes? Or are we creating another department (101) so we can occupy people and reduce unemployment stastics?

Why don't the police respond to such calls? Will they respond if I called them and told them that a driver in front of my house is smoking while driving, or better if I tell them a driver is using his/her mobile while driving?

Can I have some answers?

Name and address supplied

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