"Looking forward to going further than Firth Park" - Readers share what they'll do as more businesses and shops reopen

Today saw the return of all the trades and businesses classed as ‘non-essential’. Alongside extended trading hours of up until 10pm (except for Sundays). We asked our readers what they’d been looking forward to most, whether that was queuing at Debenhams or other stores, bar and pub garden jaunts, hair cuts or something else entirely.

Monday, 12th April 2021, 2:05 pm

The following are a selection of the responses that we had received:

Laurie Khatib is looking forward to being able to go to; “farms, museums, zoos, theme parks and also the beach..... all the places we've missed out on over halfterm with the kids!” Lindsy Salisbury Roper says; “never minds shops I’m so excited to start my driving lessons again, roll on Tuesday” — good luck with the rest of your lessons Lindsy.

“Clothes shopping, can’t stand the on line shopping" says Kathryn Frost, a view that was echoed by Carole Anne Hindley who replied; “me too. I like to look at them feel the material etc. Can’t do that with a picture!” Jean Marshall is also of the same persuasion, saying; “I don’t like online shopping either.” Neither seemed too enamoured with the prospect of online shopping without being able to try things out with Carole saying; “it's also the palaver of sending things back aswell. Much prefer to actually go to a shop” — fair enough ladies, now the world is your proverbial oyster and so on.

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The reopening of hair salons on April 12th 2021. Top Salon, Barnsley Road. Pictured are Donna Holland and Gloria Turner. Picture: Chris Etchells

Neil Taylor on the otherhand is not one who will be rushing out, instead preferring to; “i'll relax with a cuppa and let the mad hordes fight over overpriced warm beer” — that may be a good shout, Neil, it’s sunny out there but cor blimey it isn’t half cold out, maybe I’m just nesh? Elizabeth Hoyle is also one of those who certainly is taken in by the prospect of the throngs that could await; “I'm not going anywhere after going to Tesco on Friday, total lack of social distancing. I'll wait a while till all the crazy people have been” — after the year we’ve had, aren’t we all a little ‘crazy’ now?

On the other hand, Vickie Thornhill simply can’t wait to go to; “Dunelm. Moved house during lockdown and need new towels desperately,” and Leanne Fearn be heading out to; “Clarks! So I can finally get my sons feet measured and buy him some proper fitting shoes since he started walking over a month ago!”

Gill Richardson will be taking a trip to the “charity shop, after having a clear out to make room for new” and Olivia Smith will be visiting Sheffield’s very own Atkinsons for a bigger pair of jeans to fit my lockdown figure.” And, Jean Eustace is just; “looking forward to going further than Firth Park!Not been to Sheffield town centre for 18 months.”

Pamela Raybould has been eagerly awaiting a “hair cut. I've had to buy a hat to wear when I go out shopping my hair looks such a mess” and Angie Burgess is going for the lot (pretty much); “Hair, nails, eyebrows, trip to Primark or any shop for that matter. Day out at Alton Towers and life returning to something that resembles normal.”

The reopening of pubs on April 12th 2021. The Forum, Sheffield. Picture: Chris Etchells

Plenty of you have been waiting to get your hair cut and the chance to get back out to the shops, while many more have chosen to wait a little while longer at least until things calm down somewhat. As long as everything else goes to plan, it looks like quite a few more wishes will be fulfilled in the coming weeks as more parts of the UK open up to domestic travel and holidays. The most important thing to note is that we’re so close to getting back to some form of normality and we've got to all ensure that we don’t take a step back, so mask up, keep the space and try to enjoy the new freedoms we’ve been afforded.

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