Local elections 2019: Are the politicians even fed up with politics now?

It was council elections day yesterday … not that many of you will have noticed.

Monday, 29th April 2019, 2:47 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 12:53 am
Polling Station Sheffield

Hands up if you had anyone rapping at your door to ask how you planned to vote, or if you had any issues that you would wish to be addressed by a candidate.

Did you even get a leaflet through the letterbox?

There was a time when those seeking election wouldn’t think twice about banging on the door in the middle of Coronation Street or when you’re trying to do the dishes.

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This time, there wasn’t one candidate to be seen round our way, in the run up to polling day.

We had a couple of leaflets posted by the Liberal Democrats but I didn’t count that one because I know the bloke who was helping with the campaign lives round the corner.

Aside from that, though, there was nothing or no-one else.

Maybe the Greens felt they were protecting the environment by not wasting paper; maybe Labour were complacent and felt they didn’t need to; maybe the Tories thought it was a waste of time. As for UKIP, I didn’t even know they were running in the ward until I saw a candidate on the polling slip.

It’s far from scientific but before I wrote this, I did a bit of canvassing of my own and asked on twitter whether folk had any canvassers.

A few said yes, but the majority had a similar experience to mine with many not even being sent a badly-designed pamphlet.

The lack of boots on the ground led to this: “I returned the level of indifference and apathy by not bothering to vote,” replied one.

“No knocks or no leaflets. So I reciprocated that effort and didn’t go to vote,” added another.

It appears that even politicians are fed up with politics now. The voter turn-out will be interesting.