Loathing and revulsion

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I opened my Star and was filled with loathing and revulsion to see that man urging people to vote.

What a treacherous man, wanting people to vote for Endcliffe park. How dare Nick Clegg, knowing he does not recognise the peoples’ vote on Europe?

The sooner the park is filled with water and he is dropped in it the sooner I and many more would vote for it.

Let the people in his constituency denounce him as not a true representation of their standing in Europe.

To the lady who said its would be devastating if they use Endcliffe for a flood alleviation shows a selfishness of people who he represents and are safe from flooding.

I suggest she looks in a mirror and says there but for the grace of God go I.

The area is a natural storage in the valley, chances of flooding are remote but the park could also double as a wet area nature resort with government money.

A Sheffielder

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