Wrong for us to leave?

Letters to editorLetters to editor
Letters to editor
Having read Harry Harrison’s February 2 article ‘Sheffield ‘regrets’ voting for Brexit, new poll claims’ I despair at the perceived gullibility of some Sheffield folk.

The poll organiser Unherd (sic) Britain and those now believing it was wrong for us to leave the European Union should carefully consider some very pertinent facts as to why leaving the EU has not led to immediate lasting full benefit for the UK.

While we have officially left the EU we are still entangled in the clutches of their financial and law tentacles, there are still many laws which the current government has promised to abolish to enable us to rule ourselves.

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Unfortunately, there are many in parliament, banking and industry who will not accept the democratic vote of the people in attaining 51.9 per cent of the referendum vote with a majority of 1,269,501 and are placing every obstacle in our attaining the full benefit of Brexit.

In our UK democracy, where one vote is a winning margin, to refer to the actual majority as ‘slim’ must surely be said tongue in cheek!

The main protagonist in the UK calling for our rejoining the EU is Scotland led by ‘Krankie’ Sturgeon. She conveniently forgets the large financial subsidy which she is happy to accept from England, wishes to offer very little in return, and having gone cap in hand to the leading EU countries being told that Scotland does not meet their membership requirements.

Those now allegedly having ‘regrets’ should consider that since voting to leave the EU there has been a worldwide Covid 19 epidemic which has resulted in a great backlash to our financial economic growth, health and welfare benefits – add to that the repercussions of the ongoing Russia/Ukraine war and it certainly puts a temporary dampener on Brexit.

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The onus is on our government to back the will of the people in scrapping all the EU legal restraints and to reduce our financial deficit by tackling the uncontrolled illegal migration to our shores – bearing in mind Sheffield Hallam MP Olivia Blake’s quoted cost for accommodating a single person as £5,000 per week in the public sector and up to £20,000 in the private one.

Unlike many of the EU countries we are a worldwide established trading nation of several centuries standing.

With a settlement of the Russia/Ukraine war, perhaps finally defeating or having to live with Covid, and a united pro-Brexit approach by our politicians to honour the wishes of the referendum electorate we may see all hands pulling together on the SS Great Britain as she sails forth to ply her trade in a world without dominance from our EU neighbours – by all means let us continue trading with European countries on an individual basis but not as the EU collective group.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5