Why we must not forget climate change - letter

This Star reader says we must take climate change seriously and ‘leave oil, gas and coal in the ground and use other energy sources’ to make sure more land is not lost to sea in the coming years and decades.

Monday, 22nd June 2020, 1:00 pm

During this pandemic, we must not forget climate change.

We have already seen storms become more violent, flooding and droughts more common.

We are still using evermore oil and natural gas and coal is still being mined.

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This Star reader believes many cities will be constantly flooded - and Venice and other cities uninhabitable - if we don't use alternative energy sources instead of oil, gas and coal.(Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images)

If we don’t change, global warming will get worse, global agriculture will suffer and affect food supplies.

The sea is rising at 3.6 millimetres every year.

With continued warming, the sea will rise faster. Low-level Pacific islands are already becoming uninhabitable.

And it’s because we are burning such huge amounts of fossil fuels.

Hopefully our grandchildren will still be alive towards the end of this century.

In 60 years’ time or so, sea levels will be at least 216mm – 8.5 inches – higher than now, probably more.

Much land will be lost to the sea.

Many cities will be constantly flooded. Venice and other cities will be uninhabitable.

We must leave oil, gas and coal in the ground and use other energy sources.

Gerry Penny