'Why I will avoid the shops until the fitting rooms re-open' - letter

This Star reader say she will avoid shopping until the fitting rooms in stores selling clothes will re-open. What do you think?

Tuesday, 30th June 2020, 1:50 pm

Save the high street, cries Boris.

I’m always up for a bit of retail therapy, although I haven’t missed it these last three months on lockdown – I have kicked my Pret sarnie addiction.

This week, I decided to have a browse around town.

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Shops maybe open for business in Sheffield city centre but Star reader Jayne Grayson says she will avoid shopping until the fitting rooms in stores selling clothes will re-open. Picture: Chris Etchells

It was fairly quiet, not many queues to get in store and when you were in it was nice and pleasant.

I was wondering around a big store, there were staff walking around making sure the rules were observed, no problems.

The fitting rooms were out of bounds, but you can browse the clothes and touch them.

I picked a top up, unsure of the size – usually you would grab a pile of stuff and try it on, but I picked one up and held it up in the mirror.

However, I was then told by a member of staff that it wasn’t allowed – if I wasn’t sure of the size, I had to buy both and bring what I didn’t want back.

So, let me get this right, you can touch as much as you want, but to hold it up to yourself to see if it suits isn’t allowed.

We are in strange times, but I find that utterly bizarre.

Boris can save the high street himself – I will avoid it until the fitting rooms are back open again.

Jayne Grayson