"Well done to the binmen" - A Star Reader says ‘Thank You’ to Sheffield's refuse collectors

One of our readers has taken the time to write a letter of thanks to the city’s refuse collectors for their efforts in the recent spate of cold, icy and snowy weather. Highlighting how they have gone above and beyond with regards to the collection of refuse, following last weeks snow flurry which impacted access to the streets across the city, and in particular Lane Top.

Monday, 18th January 2021, 11:03 am
Updated Monday, 18th January 2021, 11:07 am

Very often these days our bin men from Violia are much maligned for one thing and another regarding the emptying or not emptying bins etc. My bin collection day should have been Thursday but because of the amount of snow that fell this was obviously not possible. This morning (Saturday 16th) I was very surprised to see the bin lorry at the end of the road. it was still almost impossible for them to drive the lorry down the road because of the ice and snow but the bin men walked down and between them dragged all the bins to the lorry to empty them, and then brought them all back again. Now I am not sure if that is in there job description but I must say a very big thank you for their efforts and hard work. I did consider going outside and starting a "clap for our bin men" but it was rather cold so I stayed inside and clapped. Well done lads.Rod SockettLane Top.

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It is lovely to see the efforts that so many are going to, just in order to do their jobs in such trying times and especially in all weathers — whatever their vocation may be.

NDFP-Bin men in action