“We have the most wonderful DIY arts scene”

This letter sent to the Star was written by Ruth Grimsley, Oak Park, Sheffield, S10

Wednesday, 25th March 2020, 7:01 am
Updated Wednesday, 25th March 2020, 7:17 am

So what if arts funding is low. We have the most wonderful DIY arts scene here in Sheffield, known throughout the land.

Discounting the coronavirus crisis for now, anything you wanted, you could get, and you could contribute to it too.

Folk music, jazz, pop, classical, every sort of music you wanted. Poetry sessions. Art groups.

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The University of Sheffield Arts Tower. Picture: Chris Etchells

The only activity I couldn’t find was a DIY classical composition peer group, and not that many people are composing Lieder, so that wasn’t surprising. That’s the only activity I’ve ever had to soft-pedal (pun intended!)

They are a wonderful means of getting your stuff peer-reviewed at no cost. Try out your efforts at these events.

Polite muted applause means that your work was crap. Rapturous applause means it was good. (And I’ve had both!)

Maybe more money for professional stuff would even inhibit and lessen this wonderful scene. Who knows?

OK, for now we mustn’t go places, but that will eventually cease.

We can use our enforced leisure to write our poems and stories, and paint our pictures. “That’ll tek thee reet out o’ thissen” as well!

Speaking of which leisure, we are now deserting our fave coffee shops and pubs. We’ll be saving a lot of money.

Try to get your coffee shop owners and licensed victuallers to accept a gift of some of this money.

You will meet resistance. They will say they don’t want charity. Tell them it’s not charity, but long-term strategy based on your own self-interest, as your life would be devastated if they disappeared out of it. Which would be true.

Now that’s what I call community support!