Viewpoint - Poster warns of dog fouling

Taking my daughter to school yesterday, noticed this sign on the path between Epworth petrol station and the Old School Inn.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 13th September 2014, 4:00 pm
Epworth Bells reader Anthony Coyne has submitted this picture of a poster put up between Station Road petrol station and the Old School Inn.
Epworth Bells reader Anthony Coyne has submitted this picture of a poster put up between Station Road petrol station and the Old School Inn.

I must applaud this person, dog mess all down this path!!

Kids had walked in this mess.

Great to see the sign still there this morning, hope the person or persons responsible get the message loud and clear – clear it up!

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Anthony Coyne

Blacksmith Close, Epworth


Another big MP pay rise

In the news this week, Marcial Boo the chief exec of IPSO (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority) said “MPs do a very important job and should not be paid a miserly amount”.

So it appears the £67,000 MPs are getting at the moment (excluding expenses), must be a miserly amount to Mr Boo.

So next year they are get-ting a nine per cent pay rise, bringing their pay up to £74,000 a year. This £7,000 rise equates to approximately £140 per week. This is at a time when everyone else in the country has had their wages frozen or had to take a rise of a couple of pounds a month and basic state pension rate £113.10 a week for a single person.

Is there anyone out there, other than the MPs, who thinks these people are overpaid as it is without giving them a pay rise?

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster


Health care choices given

I am writing to encourage local residents to contribute to an important national review of choice in end of life care. Almost half a million people die in England each year, but significant numbers of people do not currently have proper opportunities for their choices about how, when and where they receive end of life care to be identified, discussed or met.

That is why the government set up an independent review into choices in end of life care, which I was asked to chair. Whether you’re a member of the public or someone who has a professional interest, perhaps through your work within health, social care or housing we want to hear from you. We’re interested in finding out what choices would matter most to you – whether that’s about the importance of being able to choose where you would want to be cared for and die, how you would want to be involved in decisions about your care or any other aspect of end of life care.

To find out more and to take part in the review, which you can participate in until 30 September 2014, please visit, call 01235 512384 or email [email protected]

Claire Henry

National Council for Palliative Care

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