The Home of Football: ‘Do we need some huge project like that?’ – reader’s letter

I have seen a good few letters printed to appraise that decision and wondering – is it only me who can think rationally?

Tuesday, 30th November 2021, 3:07 pm

In time when money and budget so tight, do we need some huge project like that?

We had a few fiascos, start from paying loan for Student Games Stadium, Music Centre, the list is endless!

I have done a quick survey in our extended family. Only one person, my nine-year-old grandson will be interested in visiting it. Unfortunately he lives down South.

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The Star revealed a global sporting brand wants to spend £100m converting the former John Lewis store into a visitor attraction to include a football museum, health and wellbeing experiences, bars and restaurants and pitches on the roof. One reader asks 'In time when money and budget so tight, do we need some huge project like that?'

Will it will be a new venue for football hooligans? In this case we need to add money to the kitty for extra policing this area and this place will be no-go for normal people, who do not want aggravations in they lives.

So, who exactly it will be making for? Maybe better concentrate on building hospitals or something what Sheffield really need.

I thought the art group plea to have it for the gallery a far better idea.

T Vickers

Sheffield, S8