The climate does vary

In his opinion piece, January 5, Graham Wroe wrote a typically unsubstantiated ‘green’ argument.
View of a wind farm Photo credit: Ben Curtis/PA WireView of a wind farm Photo credit: Ben Curtis/PA Wire
View of a wind farm Photo credit: Ben Curtis/PA Wire

He cited various events over the last year as conclusive evidence that increasing CO2 levels, caused by humans, will have catastrophic effects, and that we must stop CO2 production.

Let’s take one of those examples – flooding in Bangladesh.

Actually, much of Bangladesh is a ‘flood plain’, and an average of 18 percent of the country is flooded each year, with many catastrophic floods in recent centuries.

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The worst flooding recorded was 75 per cent of the country in 1988.

Nowadays far fewer Bangladeshis are killed by flooding than the hundreds of thousands that used to be.

Each of Wroe’s examples needs to be understood in its particular context, which he does not give.

Climate varies for natural reasons, and citing possible examples of its variation in no way proves that increased human CO2 is the driver of it.

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He is also concerned that we follow ‘Net Zero’ policy in Britain, and criticises the government.

‘Net Zero’ is the route to poverty for the majority of the population.

Its very harmful consequences will entail a return to Medieval-like conditions, with insufficient energy coming from very inadequate sources.

Does Wroe expect the adequate transportation of food to be possible, if we only have lorries powered by batteries, especially on grey, windless days when solar panels and wind farms produce even less than usual?

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If Wroe is so concerned about CO2, I suggest he starts demonstrating outside the Chinese embassy, given that Chinese CO2 production vastly outstrips the UKs.

If he does not do that, then one can only assume that he has double standards about CO2 production.

A quote I have just come across: “The road to hell is paved with green intentions.”

Ian Wray

Sheffield, S10

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