“Thanks to our Council... the people of Burncross are having a miserable time” – Letter from a Star Reader about grit bins

Reader highlights frustration over the lack of grit bins.

Monday, 18th January 2021, 10:56 am

Well, thanks to our caring Council and its contractor the good people of Burncross have had or are having a miserable time due to the recent freezing weather and snow. This has come about due to the removal of numerous grit bins on the bus route, indeed the one on the corner of Bevan Way and Prestwood gardens has been replaced by a plant box. How nice in summer but a decision that has proved disastrous in the recent weather leading to buses, ambulances and general vehicle traffic chaos. On top of that, we have had pensioners slipping down and injuring themselves as well as carers unable to get through to see their patients. The decision to remove many grit bins around the City was taken two years ago by who knows who in the department of stupidity, the residents, bus drivers, post people, motorists and the old and infirm congratulate you.

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From Judd Newton, Burncross.

Middlewood Drive in Middlewood, Sheffield which has 17 grit bins in its loop