Reader's letter - 'What an absolute dump Sheffield city centre is - places like Doncaster and Leeds have left us behind'

I was born in Darnall nearly 61 years ago and so thought I knew the city pretty well.

Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 3:28 pm

However this Sunday, after bringing my wife into town for the Sheffield 10k, I along with my daughter and grandson walked up Fargate and down the Moor which was a real eye opener.

What an absolute dump the city centre is along with the drunk drug addicts sat around on the floor – what a disgrace.

I thought about what Sheffield was with busy thriving businessess and a clean looking place to shop.

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City centre.

Places like Doncaster and Leeds have left us behind. We once had an athletic stadium and an airport now we have an empty arena.

What a shame that Sheffield has lost its identity.

Ian Longley

Sheffield, S20