Reader's letter: 'The death knell of Sheffield's John Lewis was sounded the day that they started building Leeds' new store'

A John Lewis article in the Yorkshire Post this week, (John Lewis which has its flagship Northern store in Leeds), relating to their search for 7,000 extra staff was very interesting.

Friday, 1st October 2021, 10:14 pm

Sadly, it also clearly demonstrated one of the reasons that they closed the Sheffield store.

Clearly the death knell of the store was sounded the day that they started building the new store in Leeds.

That, plus the fact that Channel 4 are now presenting their News programmes from the new HQ in Leeds demonstrates that the city of steel is falling even further behind its Yorkshire neighbour.

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The John Lewis Store, Sheffield. Picture by Simon Hulme

I fear that the next announcement will be the closure of the Sheffield Star and the launch of a South Yorkshire edition of the the YP. Is there any good news emanating from my favourite city?

Peter Robinson

Expat Sheffielder