Reader's letter: "The blame for the city centre's problems falls at the council's feet"

Views of the city centre, I have just read the most ridiculous piece in The Star tonight from a Stephen Davies, West View Lane, Totley Rise, Sheffield, S17.
Sheffield city centreSheffield city centre
Sheffield city centre

He asks what is Jayne Grayson bellyaching about in her ridiculous letter, Sheffield city centre looks ropey?

When was the last time Jayne Grayson went into the beautifully designed heart of Sheffield city centre, “the coolest city in the north” as verified by the Times magazine no less.

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He’s obviously so deluded that he doesn’t realise that this city is finished. Full of drunks, drug addicts, drug dealers, this city centre looks like a khazi. All the major retailers have pulled out.

This falls absolutely at this council’s feet and no doubt Steven Davis votes for this lot. Get real.

Mr P Gill

Sheffield, S10

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