Reader's letter - Leeds, Manchester, and Chesterfield have all stolen a march on Sheffield: 'Division Street and Devonshire Street have been turned into a student play area'

I had occasion to walk along Division Street and on to Devonshire Street t’other day, what a sanitised place it’s turned into.

Wednesday, 17th November 2021, 12:50 pm

The clothes shops have gone and all that remains are bars and eating places, what a sad state of affairs if the clowns in the town hall think that’s what the people of Sheffield want.

The once multi-business Division Street and Devonshire Street has been turned into a student play area and now the once popular Sportsman pub is going to be ripped apart.

Leeds, Manchester, Chesterfield have all stolen a march on the city, while the council sit back and let it happen while contemplating making Sheffield a bus and other traffic free hoping we will all turn into cyclists – ‘scrap your wheelchair, zimmer frame and invest in a brand new city cycle’.

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Division Street in the city centre.

I can just see the headline, sadly RIP the areas I’ve mentioned, even the canal basin is now Victoria Quays, you can change the name and tart it up but it’s still the canal basin to most of us.

The quote ‘Heart of the City’ is bandied about every time some project is thought up, just how many hearts has the city got?

Henry Hall

Sheffield, S14