Reader's letter: 'It’s not good enough - Sheffield's city shops are in the doldrums as it is'

Sheffield City Council wishes to discourage cars in the city centre, therefore we need a good bus service.

Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 10:06 am

Lately I have been using the 120 to visit the Hallamshire Hospital.

In the past it was an ideal service from High Street and was used by locals and visitors from outside the city. The return journey was good, straight back to the heart of the city!

Not anymore. Returning, the bus turns right from West Street and follows a zig-zag pattern into Sheffield’s back streets.

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I have lived in Sheffield all my life but I’d no idea where the bus would take me, being local I stayed and hoped for the best on my first journey.

Last Friday I boarded the 120 and a group of ladies followed me. When the bus turned off West Street they began to panic.

I tried to explain to the lady in front of me the new route but mention of Arundel Gate and Howard Street meant nothing, she was from out of town.

She consequently followed her friends and got off at the next stop, still in the back streets of Sheffield a long walk from where they needed to be.

It’s not good enough. The city shops are in the doldrums as it is.

Visitors to Sheffield are less likely to spend money in our shops.

Deposited on Arundel Gate they were more likely to head for the bus or train stations than head uphill to the shops.

With John Lewis and Debenhams gone, the remaining shops need all the help they can get.

The council must reopen the closed roads or the city centre will become a ghost town.

Meadowhall will become even more attractive to people with money to spend.

Mrs JM Russell

Twentywell Road, Bradway, S17