Reader letter - Whatever is happening to social distancing?

I was driving on Abbey Lane, near Woodseats on Wednesday 16th September when I saw this mass gathering of people.

Thursday, 17th September 2020, 10:30 am
A social distancing sign reminding people to stay safe by keeping apart.

As I got nearer I was shocked to notice outside the school parents collecting their children, not social distancing and all bunched together.

Why no orderly queues like everywhere else? I would say queue, pick up the children and go home, not standing around like it was some sort of social event.

Whatever is happening to social distancing and only six people allowed to be together at one time?

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It seemed to me rather scary that all these people were allowed to be in one place when everyone else is not.

I suppose this is a new dilemma due to schools starting up again and no one has given it much thought. I think someone should.

Julia Taylor (nee Barret)