A reader letter: 'It's time the council took action on dog mess outside school'

I am writing with the hope of shaming Rotherham Council into getting things done.

Thursday, 22nd October 2020, 1:52 pm

On September 1, I completed an online request informing the council someone had been leaving a number of full dog mess bags – nine at the time – on the school railings of Aston Hall Junior & Infant School, School Lane, Aston, and received a confirmation reference number.

A week later, they were still there, pictured right, so I phoned and was told it would be acted on.

A further week went by and I contacted the council again and was again reassured it would be dealt with.

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Bags of dog mess hung on school railings of Aston Hall Junior and Infant, School Lane, Aston,

On September 24, I phoned again and the report was resubmitted.

I was also informed that a waste bin was also requested to prevent future problems, but still nothing happened.

About October 6, I completed an official complaint and was contacted by the council stating a report was submitted stating the bags had been removed on October 1.

I assured the person they were still there and they stated it would be passed onto the relevant person to deal with.

About October 13, I again complained to the council stating that still nothing had been done. Again I was told it would be passed on.

At the time of writing, the bags are still hanging there and I have been informed now that a couple of more bags have now been left on the floor beneath the ones on the railings.

This is shameful of the council and totally unacceptable.

I am a dog owner myself and find it disgusting and unacceptable to bag mess up and leave it, even more so on school railings.

Darryl Myers