‘Please clean up after your dog’, a plea from a Sheffield Star reader

As a responsible dog owner I am astounded as to why some other dog owners go to the trouble of picking up their dogs mess, only to then either drop it along footpaths and hedge bottoms, or throw on to, or over fencing and into trees.

Thursday, 3rd December 2020, 4:38 pm

I'm totally perplexed at the lack of thought of these people. Please clean up your dogs mess responsibly there are plenty of bins around, or take it away with you and put in your own bin.

You all should by rights be ashamed of the way you treat everyone's public spaces, which are there for all to enjoy. Not to mention you give all dog owners a bad reputation which I would say the majority of us do definitely not deserve.

Please change your ways, trees and hedgerows are so important to wildlife and are beautiful without the hanging bags, it's disgusting.

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Dog waste bin. Picture by FRANK REID

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