My brother has Long Covid - he has no energy, sleeps until lunchtime, can't drive and oxygen levels are all over the place - reader's letter

My brother, now 55, caught Covid on December 1, 2020. He still has long Covid. This is a man who has worked all of his life.

Tuesday, 7th December 2021, 10:22 am

December 1, 2021. He still has no energy, he still has to sleep until lunchtime, he hasn’t got the concentration to read books, he can’t drive, he doesn’t know when or if he will ever be able to work. His blood pressure and oxygen levels are all over the place.

Personally, if I had to wear a mask to stop someone getting sick like he has, as you never know who is carrying it, I would wear a mask.

People need to think that wearing a mask could save the life of their mother, father, wife, child.

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Long Covid.

If they didn’t wear a mask and they unknowingly gave it to someone who they cared for and they were either seriously ill or died because of them, how would they feel?

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