Letter's page: "M25 protesters are selfish people trying to instil their ideas on to others"

I read with interest the two letters from G. Shepherd and Jayne Grayson (Your Say, September 30) regarding protests on the M25 against climate change.

Monday, 4th October 2021, 2:37 pm
Police officers detain a protester from Insulate Britain occupying a roundabout leading from the M25 motorway to Heathrow Airport in London. Picture date: Monday September 27, 2021. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

G Shepherd for and Jayne against.

I favour Jayne’s response.

In my opinion the protesters are selfish people trying to instil their ideas on to others.

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Nobody has a right to stop people going about their lawful business.

G Shepherd states that climate change by human activity is a fact. It is not, it is an opinion.

At any one time there are about 50 volcanoes discharging into the atmosphere, as can be seen in La Palma at the moment, and any measurements of climate change by humans would be affected by these actions.

What about the winters of 1947 and 63. The summers of 59 and 76?

G Shepherd lists a number of successful protests over the years but these were facts.

Women not having the vote was a fact not an opinion.

I agree with Jayne and the protesters would be better spending their time protesting against the major polluters of the world.

J Bunting

Greenhill, Sheffield, S8