Letter: Wildflower destruction by Amey

This letter sent to the Star was written by Gill Upham, Sheffield 10

Monday, 5th July 2021, 6:53 am
Grass verges at Coisley Hill, Woodhouse, Sheffield are overgrown

This year the roadside verges in Sheffield have been especially beautiful, as they have been allowed to grow for longer than usual between mowing.

One evening last week I counted over 10 species of wildflowers, including buttercups, clover and vetch, in just two roads near where I live, and the verges were as colourful to look at as many gardens.

This morning, I was sad to witness the destruction of this beauty by Amey and their mowers.

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I recognise that not everyone currently appreciates the appearance of nature in their verges, yet we all need the pollinators which are attracted by wildflowers.

If the mowing schedule was changed so that the verges were only cut in early spring and late summer, this would enable bees and other insects to fully benefit from these natural habitats in our city, and then they would be tidy again before the autumn, which should satisfy everyone.

It would be wonderful if this simple change could be made to enable us to benefit the natural world and therefore ourselves.