Letter: Why has Sheffield City Council thrown a hissy fit regarding the sale of Damon’s restaurant?

This letter sent to the Star was written by HJ Greaves, Sheffield, S7

Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 9:54 am
Updated Monday, 4th November 2019, 6:18 am
Damon's Restaurant

Why has Sheffield City Council thrown a hissy fit regarding the sale of Damons restaurant? They had already agreed to a change of use to a pub so what is the problem with a Wetherspoons?

This pub chain has created hundreds of jobs in our area and thousands nationally and there is no reason to believe that things at Damons will be any different. Wetherspoons pay above the minimum wage, their meat and fish are ethically sourced, (how many pub chains can say this?), their eggs are free-range and their suppliers must likewise use free-range in their products. Not forgetting that they were the first chain to ban the use of plastic straws.

I would suggest that the Council’s problem is Wetherspoon’s founder Tim Martin who has committed two of the worst crimes in their book. He’s a fervent and active Brexiteer and a successful businessman both of which are anathema to them. Councillors have become control freaks, which is now well known in the business community, and it is hardly surprising that would-be entrepreneurs hesitate about investing in Sheffield and choose somewhere else instead.

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A prime example of this control freakery is the ludicrous decision to not accept McDonald’s offer of free litter bins near to their Farm Road site. The fatuous argument that they may not get emptied or that the branch may close is laughable considering its close proximity to Sheffield College on Granville Road - er, what is the staple diet of many students? If the branch does close I will personally arrange for the closing ceremony to be attended by Lord Lucan riding Shergar.

The control freaks continue to do their work at Hillsborough where mayhem is to be caused by unnecessarily creating a proposed lock-down of the area on match days. Do they care about the loss of trade to businesses? Of course not as they still get the business rates. Not to mention the local householders who will be housebound and have their lives turned upside down just to appease these killjoys.

We’ve then got the banning of the famous giant 100,000 bladed Knife Angel sculpture which has been on display just about everywhere throughout the country except in the place which is famous for knives. That’s it you’ve got it - Sheffield!

I could go on but to get back to Damons, I do so hope that the Council will not make life difficult for the pub applicants. If they do then please don’t take it to heart Tim - go and spend your money and create jobs somewhere else where you will be appreciated.