Letter: Voting for Brexit poll

Where and what sample of the population participate in these polls?Where and what sample of the population participate in these polls?
Where and what sample of the population participate in these polls?
Harry Harrison’s story Sheffield regrets voting for Brexit, February 2. Where and what sample of the population participate in these polls?

Regrets voting for Brexit, the poll claims – really!

How come that a vast number of people were unaware that such a poll, often flawed, had been undertaken?

I have absolutely no regrets on voting to leave and may I add, not only for the reason of uncontrolled and unsustainable immigration and, legal immigration running at all time highs, the former running at numbers that nobody can even believe.

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Yes, this does concern me, as do other factors which, many remainders appear to think we have no knowledge of, like eg; we have had little deregulation help for our industries, our businesses, precious little done for our fishermen etc.

So Brexit is disappointing because of what this globalist government are doing, not, putting their own country first and foremost, particularly at this time, with our dire economic climate, serious deficits in housing, schools, growing poverty, rising homelessness etc.

Sadly, there is also a great lack of national pride in our country and sovereignty, something that many countries are so proud of.

The Globalists have paid only lip service to Britain and its people, leaving us far behind, much preferring to plan our economic and foreign policies in an international way, as opposed to getting this country back on its feet, without the EU, and to put the great back into Britain again.

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The ECHR still have a tight grip on our laws and continue to be allowed to hold sway over this country, hence the reason we have an impasse situation in regards to deporting illegal immigrants and the many criminal gangs amongst them invading our country.

The EU is also a failing market and in real terms has not realised any more than 2% in the last twenty years and even the EU commission cannot deny that.

We wanted to take back control of our country and be an independent country once more, another reason for voting to leave, irrespective of what a dubious poll states.

Should the Government ever put the Swiss style deal back on the table, with its freedom of movement and alignment to EU rules, they will not only be turning their backs on democracy but they will be obliterated in the next election.

On a final note, Cyril Olsen also responded to the February 2 article, and I enjoyed reading and agreed with everything he said in his informative and eloquent article.

Hilda Ali