Letter: They can’t buy him so they smear him

This letter sent to the Star was written by Joan Craven, Oakworth Close, Halfway, S20

Friday, 4th October 2019, 9:25 am
Updated Thursday, 10th October 2019, 7:54 am
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

I feel I must respond and take issue with Terry Palmers negative assessment of Jeremy Corbyn as “the worst ever leader”. I fear that like many other gullible people he is basing his opinion on what he has read/heard without thinking about it or questioning its validity.

He calls Jeremy Corbyn an IRA terrorist sympathiser because he has chosen to believe the never ending publicity portraying him in this way. Whilst he did indeed meet with the IRA so did John Major and Margaret Thatcher and Maria Gatland a Tory councillor who was heavily involved with them. Strange though that the media say very little about this. They also neglect to mention Corbyns role. As he says “If you wish to broker peace you have to meet with both sides but that doesn’t make you a terrorist”. And the silence from the media is deafening in informing people about Jeremy Corbyn’s peace prizes. He received the Gandhi Peace Prize and the Sean MacBride Peace Prize for “sustained and powerful political work for disarmament and peace” not exactly how the media want you to see him.

It has obviously never occurred to Mr Palmer to question why so much effort is made to give such a false image ranging from terrorist, anti Semitic, communist, Russian spy. In fact anything to generate a headline that people will believe and not question too closely. The establishment who own much of the media certainly don’t want people to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and risk him running a country where corruption is endemic and which he would never go along with. They can’t buy him so they smear him. And unfortunately people like Terry Palmer take it in without question.

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Similarly he is not afraid of an election. He and other opposition parties are having to adopt a strategy to prevent Boris Johnson proceeding with a reckless no deal Brexit. There are many people who are far more astute about current events than Mr Palmer appears to be who think Jeremy Corbyn could be the best leader. It is difficult to see him as the worst when comparing him to Theresa May and Boris Johnson, who have not shown any great competence or even honesty and headed a government that has put the NHS, education, social care, police etc. in crisis and increased child poverty, working poverty, homelessness, food bank use.

And I sincerely hope that Terry Palmer is rich as he will need money for private health care if he sees Farage as a good option. A man who has openly stated we don’t need an NHS but who has a German passport for himself and family in case things get too bad and who has enough personal wealth not to need an NHS. I am glad we live in a democracy but find it truly scary that so many people accept what they are told without question or thought about what is motivating such information.