Letter: The fun police made the wrong judgement call

This boy enjoyed the fountains at the Peace GardensThis boy enjoyed the fountains at the Peace Gardens
This boy enjoyed the fountains at the Peace Gardens
During the hot weather recently some children were climbing up the fountains in the Peace Gardens enjoying the waterfalls.

They weren't in any imminent danger nor were they endangering anyone else. Despite this, two City Centre Ambassadors promptly appeared to step on this bit of fun in the name of health and safety, abruptly telling them to get down and telling the parents off like naughty children for letting them climb up the fountains in the first place.

There are numerous times this has happened.

Kids learn through play, and a little managed risk is acceptable.

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I do think on this occasion that they made the wrong judgement call.

The city centre ambassadors also seem to never be around when you actually need them.

A case in point being that later on the same evening myself and several others were accosted by a couple of men begging for change, one of whom became very aggressive when refused by myself.

Some more proactive policing and prioritising clamping down on this kind of abhorrent street harassment instead of telling kids off for playing would be welcome.

Matthew Smith

Hillsborough, S6