Letter: The case for openness

Kate Josephs. Picture Scott MerryleesKate Josephs. Picture Scott Merrylees
Kate Josephs. Picture Scott Merrylees
The letter from Phil Proctor regarding a case for openness made interesting reading if you could stay awake.

To start with, who is Phil Proctor with all this knowledge of council affairs?

Is he a councillor, council employee, member of the public or possibly a private detective?

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Having read virtually every excellent letter that Cyril Olsen has written to The Star over many years, to call him mardy and throwing his toys out of the pram is an outrageous slur.

I am sure Cyril will reply in detail to the points raised in the letter but to declare that Cyril asked the right questions at the wrong time is nonsense.

Questions can be asked of the council at any time.

Bearing in mind that the case referred to, Kate Josephs employment, was that that she was being well paid for for months for being on garden leave for doing absolutely nothing.

Mine and Cyril's and every council tax payer's money.

Whilst she was being paid for doing nothing there were council meetings, cross party committees, government reports, etc. which delayed the decision on her future.

The council did not have to wait for Sue Gray's report, they could have acted straight away.

John Bunting

Greenhill, S8