Letter: Take it a step at a time

This letter sent to the Star was written by S Thompson, Wadsley

One protester said Government was concealing the scale of the climate change crisis.
One protester said Government was concealing the scale of the climate change crisis.

I know I am not the only person highly amused by the recent stunt of sitting alone on a busy road thereby causing a huge increase in pollution when they are protesting against pollution.

The stunt did prove that keeping roads clear and allowing traffic to move freely, not speeding, reduces pollution.

They say they are fed up with the lack of progress by the Government but what are they doing other than causing mayhem? Nothing.

In Sheffield we can incinerate our black bin waste to create power. This may not be a perfect solution but it is better than the alternative of coal power and it means we have almost zero landfill.

We have both brown and blue bins for recycling. So how could the likes of XR help further?

Like most of you we follow the instructions with our different-coloured bins, blue bin almost always three-quarters full, black bin half full and brown bin a quarter full (we have big compost bins so all garden and green waste goes in there).

So why so little in the brown bin when we follow the list of things to go into the brown bin, yet so many things I put in the black bin have a recycling symbol on them.

In the past foil and milk bottle tops could be recycled but aren’t on the list for the brown bin. Why not?

Dr Bing Jones, remember none of us can run before we can walk, so start by looking at small things like brown bin usage; forget cycling lanes it will never happen; electric cars are only a short-term solution we cannot sustain the use of the batteries, someone galloping before they could stand up (hybrid cars are at the moment the better option for the environment);. Look at better insulation in properties reducing our use of power, this also cuts our balance of payments.

Don’t be like a previous correspondent who said that she joined all the protests to support the cause whatever it was that day, that was her action.

You can carry on moving up the ladder but you have to step on the first rung to get started.