Letter: A second referendum trashes our democratic traditions

This letter sent to the Star was written by Ruth Grimsley, Oak Park, Sheffield, S10

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th August 2019, 1:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 8:15 am

I do most truly apologise to Veronica Hardstaff if I have misinterpreted and hence misrepresented what she said. (Letter, The Star, August 15, p18.

I don't keep records, (and I apologise to readers for this sloppiness), and so I can't give her chapter and verse.

But I think I have seen her say:-

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1 Yes, the UK is a net contributor to EU funds, but

2 We in South Yorkshire have been net gainers from those funds, and so

3 We ought to be pleased about EU membership.

Veronica: if I'm wrong on that, and I'm thinking of somebody else, let me know and I will retract my allegation.

It's certainly an argument that I've heard, and seen advanced in these pages.

No-one disputes that Veronica wants the best for everyone.

I doubt neither her goodwill nor her sincerity.

And I agree that voting to stay in the EU would have been for the best, that's why I did it.

I don't dispute the benefits of remaining that she specifies.

However, in pressing for an immediate second referendum, she trashes our democratic traditions, and offers insult and disenfranchisement to voters whose choice was to leave.

They won the referendum, and there is no legitimate way of getting past that, come what may.

On one other point she is certainly wrong: she and I have definitely met.

Maybe we should do so once more, and try to thrash things out: over a cup of tea, of course!