Letter: Proving my point

This letter sent to the Star was written by S Thompson, Wadsley

By S Thompson
Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 6:51 am
Retired GP and grandfather Bing Jones explains why he sat on the road holding up traffic on Ecclesall Road.
Retired GP and grandfather Bing Jones explains why he sat on the road holding up traffic on Ecclesall Road.

I should say what a shame Graham Wroe didn’t understand my previous letter but, as by not understanding he very succinctly proved my point.

When a patient is given only a short time to live they tend to look at their bucket list which might be travel, spend time with the family or even blow their savings, so when Graham, Bing and many others tell people about the end of the world they carry on as before enjoying their lives to the end. When the population see sit-ins, demonstrations that cause unnecessary pollution and chaos again they ignore.

If, and because I learnt many decades ago about the warming planet I do believe that it is happening, we have to give the population incentives that are easy.

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As I said in my letter you start small, recycling being the easiest, then insulating our homes helps the planet and our pockets.

We can use renewables but when a householder has spent money on installing a turbine or solar panels there must be legislation in place to stop surrounding trees growing to a height that compromises the efficiency and becomes a waste of money for the householder.

As I said before start small and build, all new houses could be built with solar panel tiles, reducing the cost of adding later.

Stop putting in cycle lanes, these have proved to cause dangerous amounts of pollution. Many countries share footpaths with cyclists so could we.

Support the Government in building better roads, the better and clearer the road the less the pollution.

Encourage councils to provide off-street parking, Sheffield is particularly bad at forcing motorists to park on the roads making them both more dangerous and polluting. Motoring will never go away so we have to accommodate it in any plans.

Demonstrations are just for those who want to demonstrate and are at best an inconvenience, at worst harmful.

Extinction Rebellion has been infiltrated by anarchists so are just trouble, the children’s demonstrations proved to be just a day off school and BLM has caused racism in places it didn’t exist before.

If you really are serious about helping the planet stop demonstrating, lobby your MP, your councillor or form a working party and don’t be the man with the placard saying ‘the end of the world is nigh’. That man is laughed at.