Letter: Pat is on her way to Downing St for NHS anniversary

Patricia Russell and friendsPatricia Russell and friends
Patricia Russell and friends
One of the regulars for my DJ, singalong sessions, at The New Bridge Inn, Penistone Road, Wadsley Bridge, has received an invitation to Downing Street, to mark the 75th Anniversary of the NHS, on Wednesday, July 5.

Patricia Russell, commonly known as Pat, has earned her invitation, by virtue of her amazing 54 years of working for the NHS, at the Northern General Hospital.

She is still employed there, and hopes to complete 55 years, at the end of March, next year.

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Patricia’s early married life, to her late husband, Pete, was often a financial struggle, due to his chronic asthma condition, which caused him to be off work, on a regular basis.

The New Bridge Inn can be located at 4 Penistone Road North.The New Bridge Inn can be located at 4 Penistone Road North.
The New Bridge Inn can be located at 4 Penistone Road North.

With two young children to raise, Mark and Debbie, Patricia decided she had to be the breadwinner, which caused her to look for a job.

A response to an advert in ‘The Star’, led to her gaining employment in the Domestic Service Department, at the Northern General, starting on March 31, 1969.

The need for a source of income, following the death of her husband, Pete, and later, a partner, Malcolm, kept Patricia working.

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But in later years, especially, the social pleasure of employment, in meeting up with her workmates every week, in particular, at the moment, Betty, has helped to keep her going, and outweighed the grind of early morning rising.

There is also now that target of 55 years with the NHS in sight.

Talking of social pleasures, Patricia enjoys shopping, and popular music.

She loves taking part in singalongs, previously at The Railway, Penistone Road, Wadsley Bridge, but since that changed hands last year, she can now be heard singing across the road, at The New Bridge Inn, Penistone Road, Wadsley Bridge.

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Her favourite song is‘Two out of three ain’t bad by Meat Loaf, and I managed to record a video of Patricia singing it last year, just after Meat Loaf died.

For anyone interested, it appears on Youtube.

You can track down her performance if you type in ‘Michael Lawton, Meat Loaf Tribute’.

It is well worth a listen, and, as mentioned, you can hear her singing it live, at the New Bridge Inn, Penistone Road, Wadsley Bridge.

Patricia’s 50 years of working for the NHS, was rewarded with a gift, and a certificate, from the Northern General Hospital.

And it is nice that she has been thought of to join in with the 75th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the NHS at Downing Street.

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