Letter: Parking at Chesterfield Royal Hospital is a joke

This letter sent to the Star was written by Brenda Titterton, Chesterfield
Chesterfield Royal InfirmaryChesterfield Royal Infirmary
Chesterfield Royal Infirmary

When is something going to be done about parking at Chesterfield Royal Hospital?

While it is much appreciated that parking is free at the moment, there are the usual selfish people who take advantage.

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My husband spent five separate occasions in there last year. Parking was difficult then but now it is ridiculous.

Anybody is parking in disabled spots. Some are parking all day and going into town etc.

High-powered motorbikes taking up a full disabled bay is a joke, but not funny for anybody with a wheelchair having to park a long way from the entrance.

It’s time people parking in disabled bays or all day without good reason are fined, with proceeds going to the NHS.