Letter: Keep our eyes on the prize

This letter sent to the Star was written by Cathy Langan, Sheffield, S8


Back in April I wrote to say I was now an Oxford graduate, as I had just received the Oxford vaccine, AKA the Astra Zeneca. I have now now been awarded a further degree from Oxford. In other words, I have just had my second Oxford jab.

There is a general understanding that, with the Oxford jab, it is easier second time round and that the side effects are far less severe. Certainly, that has been the case with countless people I know.Was I one of these people? Err… no!

Although my arm was a lot less sore and itchy and I didn’t get a high temperature this time alas I felt a thousand times worse than before, (and then I was bad enough!), I won’t bore you with my symptoms but let’s just say it was no walk in the park. I’m nearly on day six now, feeling totally and utterly cream crackered, as sick as a parrot, and like as if ten lorries and 12 steam rollers have gone over me.

It seems I’m not alone.

Quite a few people have told me that they too have felt worse after their second vaccine.

Maybe our immune systems having become sensitised, are putting up more of a fight, but there is also an element of complacency in there somewhere. I know that I, for one, didn’t take it easy as much as I should’ve done, having been under the impression that, because it’s said to have been easier second time round I’d considered it to be less of a necessity.

For the same reason, I know of people who went straight on a night shift, went on a date and went on a shopping spree to Meadowhall within a day or two of having the jab, and boy, did it turn round and bite them on the backside.

Not that I’m ever, ever trying to put people off their second jab. After all, whatever happens, it’ll still be a lesser evil to Covid. What I am saying though is that although love is said to be lovelier second time round, that doesn’t always apply to the Covid jab.

This is no time for frenetic activity. Have a few quiet, or at least quieter, days, to let your immune system do it’s work.

We had no UK Covid deaths at all today, the first time this has happened since the pandemic began, so we must be doing something right. So much of that is down to the vaccines, however dreadful they are making some of us feel. So anyone who feels as diabolical as I do at the moment should reflect on that I guess plus the words of “this to shall pass...”

Keep our eyes on the prize and remember it’s all in a good cause. Good luck and take care all!