Letter: It’s just a Socialist dream

This letter sent to the Star was written by Jan Pederson, Sheffield, S12

Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 8:51 am
Updated Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 6:44 am
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

I seriously doubt that come Election day, anyone with even a modicum of common sense should be contemplating a vote for the Corbyn, (everything’s going to be free), party.

However, many economically and politically naive individuals will be unaware that Labour will not be able to deliver on even its suggested fiscal policies, let alone the other populist issues. Corbyn should remember: populist rhetoric alone does not equate to substance.

Forget free broadband, nationalisation of the railways, the utilities and the politics of fear about the NHS. It’s just a Socialist dream. Actually thinking about that, cats, hell and chance spring to mind!

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It was Margaret Thatcher: like her, or not, who was absolutely correct when she said “socialists eventually run out of other people’s money”.

I know socialists have short memories but this has happened again and again during a Labour administration. Under the Corbyn plans this will be sooner rather than later.

We are talking here about a man whose front benchers resigned en mass due to no confidence in 2016 and he was only re-elected because of a rule change which allowed anybody to join the labour party for a pittance and vote for him as leader the man is a chancer and has little idea of running anything, let alone a country.