Letter: It’s a national issue

Mike Lawton (June 2) is entirely right about the iniquity of the fall in the price of gas's not being passed on to their unfortunate customers.
The rising cost of energyThe rising cost of energy
The rising cost of energy

However, I'm not sure that he's pointing us in the right direction for registering our outrage.

Oliver Coppard hasn't got that many powers, and seems very reluctant to exercise even those that he has.

This is a national issue.

Everyone should write to their MPs now.

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Some of The Star's correspondents think that Labour has the next election in the bag.

It doesn't, not while ever it won't extricate itself totally from the baleful grip of the transgender lobby.

But if there's one issue which will swing the forthcoming election, it's the price of fuel.

It's so oppressive that people are groaning under its yoke.

As for Mike Lawton's communication from Octopus, may I recount a story about a Scottish minister who was giving his congregation fire and brimstone in his Sunday sermon.

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He said: "And ye'll look to the Lord in your agony, and say 'Lord, Lord, we didna ken!' And the Lord in His infinite mercy will look down on ye, and say: 'Ye ken noo!'."

Well, that's what Mr. Lawton should have said to his energy suppliers.

Ruth Grimsley

Sheffield, S10

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