letter: I and millions of others want what we were promised

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This letter sent to the Star was written by Dave Martin, Sheffield, S5

Yet again, people such as Veronica Hardstaff still will not accept that we have already had a people vote. This was two years ago, and has not yet been implemented.

People say Boris lied about getting out by October 31, no he didn’t. It was the undemocratic Labour, Liberal, SNP etc. who stopped him by creating new laws or bills, some at record quick time and law court action to thwart him and democracy.

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Now we know Labour would create more chaos by holding another referendum, rigged in no uncertain ways to remain. Labour policies will bankrupt our country, a 32-hour week would mean loss of earnings, leading to more claims in benefits increasing welfare bills. All the something-for-nothing brigade in our country will love free broadband, while we would be held to ransom by one supplier of broadband. Free tuition fees: students should pay for their further education, although not as high as now. Free childcare increase: great for those who go on to have bigger families than most others, at our cost.

Attacking gas, and power companies, will push up bills. Taking over utilities companies. Well most are owned in other EU countries and profits shared by their people. EDF is French, Eon is German, Npower is German, Scottish Power is Spanish, with others in Italy, Holland etc.

More power to unions will take us back to the 1970s with lots of strikes and power cuts supported by secondary picketing supported by Labour. Soft approach to terrorists and serious crime: at least Conservatives want to keep these locked up for much longer or even life.

The something-for-nothing brigade in our society will love Corbyn and his clowns. More uncontrolled immigration, when we should be getting a work ethic back here to employ our people. Many are able/capable of doing the less skilled jobs in bars, restaurants, hotels, on farms, in call centres etc. When we hopefully leave the EU, many tariffs etc. and taxes will reduce from countries not in the EU, meaning many cheaper goods.

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Regardless of how anyone voted in the referendum, if you believe in democracy, vote Conservative or even Brexit party in some areas.

The Liberal Undemocratic party just want to revoke, totally undemocratic. Labour are clueless. SNP want independence, yet want to deny us.

I and millions of others want what we were promised, and that was to honour our democratic vote three years ago. If not democracy is finished here and I will never trust these useless undemocratic MPs ever again.

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