Letter: Harry is at it again...

This letter sent to the Star was written by Cathy Langan, Sheffield, S8

Thursday, 5th August 2021, 6:43 am
Prince Harry will be writing a warts and all autobiography evidently

So Harry has signed a four-book deal, claiming it's about the man he has become rather than the prince he was born as.

One of these books will not be printed until after The Queen has passed away.

In other words, what he intends to put in it is clearly not for Her Majesty's consumption.

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I can't say that is showing a fat lot of respect, especially as she only recently lost her husband.

Harry allegedly left the Royal family so he could escape being inside the Royal goldfish bowl, yet he's made sure that he remains very much in the limelight.

La-La Land is not exactly the place to go for those who are serious about wanting to live a quiet life either.

So if he wants to make amends with his family, however their opinions may differ, then writing books that are sure to put the wind up them is hardly the way to go about it.

No doubt Meghan’s fingerprints will be all over it, like they seem to be over every decision he makes, she has well and truly taken him over.

She is already alienated from her own family, so such family feuds are clearly nothing new to her, so I doubt very much if she would ever encourage Harry to make amends with his folks.

However your views and outlooks on life may differ, your family is your family, at the end of the day and blood is thicker than water.

Whether this feud will continue or whether Harry will one day return with his tail between his legs, having realised he's been manipulated and brainwashed, remains to be seen.

It seems Meghan’s issues have become his, and as he was already vulnerable having been traumatised by his mother's untimely and tragic death, he was a sitting duck, so I guess I shouldn't judge him too heavily.

I just hope he will realise, one day, that antagonising his folks and alienating himself from his family, for all anyone's faults and failings, just isn't worth it.