Letter: Gutted at our relegation to division one

This letter sent to the Star was written by Michael Broomhead, Southall, Sheffield
Owls Owner & Chairman Dejphon Chansiri. Pic Steve EllisOwls Owner & Chairman Dejphon Chansiri. Pic Steve Ellis
Owls Owner & Chairman Dejphon Chansiri. Pic Steve Ellis

As a Sheffield Wednesday supporter of 60 years I am gutted at our relegation to division one.

The vast majority of the blame lies at chairman Chansiri’s door. Poor managerial appointments, apart from Carvalhal, who had a vast transfer chest and was still found wanting at the end. And Steve Bruce who left because he preferred Mike Ashley to Mr Chansiri

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Also this season late players’ wages, heating system failure and not replying to supporters on thorny issues. The list goes on.

Also, as managers have come and gone, why is Mister Paixao his special advisor still in a job?

When Fletcher, Forestieri, Murphy and Fox left the club, the replacements brought in by Monk were awful. Injured players, a rookie and poor quality in general – Patterson being best of a bad bunch and he’s only mediocre.

Give Monk some leeway, hampered by the 12-point deduction, but he should have done much better in the loan market.

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Darren Moore seems a competent manager and would probably have kept us up if hired after the Monk sacking. Another mistake by Mr Chansiri and Paixao.

Having said that, against Derby we were undone by pace in the second half. Why was Shaw not brought on, could Darren Moore not see what was happening? Shaw has played the centre back position, is a good header of the ball and would have given us the pace at the back, we needed Dunkley, the awful Monk signing cost us the game. But then Shaw’s going to Celtic so freeze him out, that will teach him.

Orders from above perhaps.

Sums it all up doesn’t it.