Letter: Dominic Cummings spills forth

This letter sent to the Star was written by Cathy Langan, Beauchief, Sheffield, S8

Monday, 31st May 2021, 6:43 am
Dominic Cummings. (Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images)

I’ve always thought you humans were a bizarre lot, and your British government top the lot. Not to mention the former members.

It doesn’t need me to tell you who I’m referring to in the latter bracket. Yes, Big Dom. Dominic Cummings He who sure found a novel means of testing his eyesight.

He spilled his guts for seven hours today, quite possibly with no time even to break off for a Jimmy riddle. The revelations about his former colleagues just kept on a coming, like a whole series of bullets emerging from a cannon.

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In the early days of the pandemic, Boris Johnson refused to take Covid seriously, referred to it as Kung Flu and The New Swine Flu. Even offered to be injected with it live on TV to prove there was nothing to worry about. Said it was only killing 80-year-olds.

Later in the pandemic, even, he confirmed that Boris had indeed made that unforgivable comment that rather than face another (preceded by an expletive,) lockdown, let the bodies pile up in their thousands.

And there were plenty more revelations where that one came from.

It wasn’t only my namesake with his head in the stock, as Big Dom continued to pelt rotten tomatoes.

In fact Matt Hancock, the (bad) health secretary, got even more of a panning like Boris, he wasn’t fit to hold his position. He’d lied on multiple occasions, had allowed people to be discharged from hospital and returned to care homes without being tested for Covid, amongst many other very serious failings.

Well, no, you may have gathered that I’m not a fan of Big Dom, but I have to say it, that on this occasion he is absolutely right.

The government have failed us all abominably during the pandemic, and countless lives and livelihoods have been lost because of it.

The comments Boris made were atrocious, and certainly not what you’d expect from someone in such a position of responsibility and Matt Hancock negligence was truly scandalous.

They should be well and truly taken to task and removed from their positions of power without a doubt if we are to emerge from this pandemic without further damage.

OK, to give credit where credit is due, they have smashed it with the way they got the vaccine roll out going, but wasn’t that the least they could do after all the damage they did?

However, Dominic Cummings is far from blameless himself. We all knew about his flouting the lockdown rules after all, and if he was in possession of all these facts, then why didn’t he have the guts to speak out sooner?

Shouldn’t the lives of so many people have been more important to him than the position he was, at that time, holding?

So, as far as I’m concerned, they’re all a shower.

They’ve learned diddly squat from the other countries who have handled the pandemic so much better.

It is frightening for you humans to feel that the country is in their hands.

I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again, move the old Boris out of Number Ten and move the new Boris, my good self, in, and watch the improvements start to unfold.One day my friends, one day…

Boris the badger, aided by human companion Cathy Langan