Letter: Decision lets us all down

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Letters to editor
I was appalled to learn that the cafe in The Queen’s Park Leisure Centre is to close, despite the fact that it is a well-used and well-loved facility, much appreciated by the users of the centre, as well as Chesterfield folk who just use it as a meeting place for coffee with friends.

The cafe is a much-needed facility. After a session in the pool, the gym or on the courts, what could be better than a chat with friends over a drink and snack in the cafe? Parents and grandparents with children using the centre find it particularly useful.

So why does the council want to close it and make the staff redundant? The answer I suspect is to save money, despite the fact that the vending machines, which are to replace the staff, will be expensive to install and maintain.

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One of the purposes of the leisure centre is to serve the people of Chesterfield and the surrounding area, and the council’s incomprehensible decision is really letting us all down.

Rachel Schofield


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