Letter: Call out nonsense

The challenges of addressing the climate emergency can feel overwhelming.
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Letters to editor

Denialism is one coping strategy.

But Ian Wray’s denialism of its very existence flies in the face of the vast majority of the scientific community’s opinions, of which over 99 per cent (in peer-reviewed scientific literature) agree that global warming is human caused.

He criticises incorrectly Graham Wroe’s well-informed balanced articles as unsubstantiated, he then follows up with multiple inaccuracies and misinformation, such as regarding flooding in Bangladesh.

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All opinions to the climate change debate are welcome, but should not be presented as so-called ‘facts’, particularly when they are wrong!

The need for us all to work transparently, honestly, constructively, collaboratively and coherently in order to address the biggest crisis humanity is facing, if we have any chance of leaving this planet in a viable state, is so essential that it really behoves the media articles to be properly informed and also for nonsense to be called out when it is presented.

Karine Nohr

Sheffield, S7

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