Letter: Blame it on Darren

To save any irate Sheffield Wednesday fans from knocking on my front door, let me declare that I am not a football fan and prefer to watch rugby league - a game where players do not collapse on the pitch after the slightest physical contact and do not argue with the referee whose word is law!

As an impartial observer, I must take Darren Moore to task for saying that the Owls 'only have selves to blame.'

As the manager who selects the team, it would seem that he places little value on winning the FA Cup and also that he underestimated Fleetwood who languish in the lower end of league one - with Wednesday currently at the top.

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An indication of his underestimating the opposition is that he made ten changes from the winning team who beat Plymouth – citing an important forthcoming game with Ipswich as his reason for doing so.

He is not playing fair with Wednesday's loyal fans who pay good money to travel to and watch games - they do not wish to see a reserve side on the pitch.

By making these wholesale changes he can hardly castigate his reserve class players for not performing as the regular table topping side does - I suggest that they do not currently have the skills to perform at a top level or they would already be in his regular squad.

I could accept him making a couple of changes such as giving a debut to 17-year-old Sean Fusire but to make ten changes in my opinion was a wrong move and Wednesday paid the price.

Do not blame your players Darren, blame yourself for making unnecessary changes which cost you the game.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5