"I am considering moving away from Sheffield"

This letter sent to the Star was written by Filip Hersztek, Sheffield, S1

Friday, 31st January 2020, 1:57 pm
Updated Friday, 31st January 2020, 2:14 pm
Development work at Sheffield University. Picture: Chris Etchells

I am writing to you, since I would like to express a deep concern about problems, which I have already noticed since I had moved to Sheffield last September as a first-year student at the University of Sheffield.

I am disappointed that Sheffield City Council is not willing to attract new investors to the city.

I have recently noticed that there are two large construction sites at Furnival Square and Fitzwilliam Street. I was particularly impressed with the construction works at Furnival Square. However, when I had found out that such a tall and massive building in a central area will be another student accommodation I felt really disappointed.

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This leads me to another concern, which is Sheffield’s job market.

I have already noticed, that there are very few office buildings across the city. A vast majority of job adverts are based in hospitality and retail industry. This is the point, where I started to ask myself, why Sheffield City Council is not willing to attract new companies to Sheffield, which could move into such building. This would create new jobs and boost the local economy. I do not understand this logic, which just deepens the problem even more.

I must admit that I have already experienced how miserable the local job market is.

I am an EU student, so I am not eligible for bursaries or the government’s Maintenance Loan. This mean that I have to rely on my own or my relatives’ money.

Therefore, I started to search for a part-time job. You can imagine how frustrating it must be for a young person like me to be rejected multiple times and not getting any feedback.

I have more than three years of work experience in different sectors, fluent English language skills proved by a C2 level certificate and I still struggle to find anything.

At the same time I have an insight into statistics from one of the job advertising websites, which show, that up to 700 people apply for some of the vacancies.

Numbers do not lie and this clearly shows that something is not right in the local job market.

I came to Sheffield with good intentions to make my dreams come true by learning my favourite language, Japanese.

However, I feel utterly disappointed with the way things work here in Sheffield to the extent that I am considering moving away from Sheffield in order to study and work in a city with better job prospects.